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Dance artist Bessie McDonough-Thayer and I were invited to create a collaborative performance for the Movement Research Festival Spring 2017: surprise! surprise(!) surprise/! surprise curated by Laurie Berg, Monstah Black and Amy Khoshbin. We performed our piece June 3rd, 2017 as part of "VERTIGO," an evening of duets and collaborations at MANA Contemporary in Jersey City, NJ.

I created two quilted and embroidered 4'x8' theatrical flats for the piece, along with costume elements, and McDonough-Thayer devised the choreography.

I also led a mask making workshop as part of the festival, alongside workshops led by Carlos J. Soto and the festival curators, which culminated with a screening of Charles Atlas' film Hail the New Puritan (1987).

Photos: 1 Laurie Berg and Jade Thacker. 2-6 David Gonsier. 7-9 Andrew Jordan.

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